EBS Enichewawet with Tigist Asfaw - Amazing Ethiopian talent Entertainer Girma Tsehai Part 1 of 2

  • Z2m

    what is happening ethiopia?

  • baby k

    I like him he is unique , different ! wow i wanna see him live .love u!

  • za45t

    well done! but i don't like your hair style

  • bazi

    suite yourself boy ! happy to see someone from our country who is not in the group we usually know in foreign Countries doing just a low income job and wasting time doing good for nothing things! proud .

  • Sambate

    I have seen some of his works years ago on youtube but they are no longer there for some reason ! he is amazing in recent years he even has become more successful and of course rich too.lol bless you but think more like Ethiopians bro ! i know some ppl who know him personally and he doesn't give a damn about religion or things we care about but of course he is somebody whom we look up to

  • Tam

    Ethiopia got to be proud of him ! keep it up man