VOA Special Report About Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Pastor Tekeste Getnet

  • Kimem

    Konjet said in another web site, "This is not his first practice. He is the worst pastor I ever encounter in my life. I am a married woman with high respect for my husband. He repeatedly asking me to go out with him and I said no to him and left his church. He is not the man of God. He takes his position and fame for his own advantage. I encounter him many times, even told him stop this bad behavior. But he does not listen now he paid the price"


    This is the work of the Meles Zenawi generation kids. Meles Zenawi generation kids are not worthy of being pastors or thrustworthy wives at all.
    Meles Zenawi generation commit sins like it is nothing. I say both did it willingly by mutual agreement. How many diasporas got successful marriage by marrying Meles Zenawi generation wives . 1 in a milliion maybe.