VOA Amharic - Update on Pastor Tekeste Getnet

  • Chuchu

    Hiwet, Chletu, Burtikan, ( you all are the same person with different names) any ways I think you are his sex partner also. I can tell from your comment that he fuck you also. This pastor is a player, such a disgrace not only to church but to himself.

  • HiweT

    OMG, this is in Sean that this syco women is accusing my brother Tekeste Geteneat , she want to spend time with him so much, so how are it was to keep in b/n her and him . Really ethiopan ,,,,,!!!!!!!!! U all suck sex is always both way , she spend her $ on him that shows that she is trying to get something that she is not getting , week then keep uR mouth zip . You want some u got more than what you want right!!!!!WTF is ur problem, he is the victim !!!!! Hello no one is realizing that who is the victom " once agine NO ONE IS PERFECT,,,,,!,,,,,,!!!!,!,!,!

  • Chletu

    Since I know this woman I will advice her sister who is married to a paster, in MPLS need to think hated to take her wake, suck, sister to take her to see syco socialists. Zemary Tekeste will always B loved and Blessed 4ever . She is syco. I know, she is .

  • Burtikan

    I'm so glad u clarify all, no one is perfect,since we are a human being we all going thought ups & down, however this woman is "sick" let her family help her . She is sickos she need to see sycholigeist, b 4 she goes and do more harme. PLS